A Moment of Peace

A Moment of Peace

November 05, 2020
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As I was trying to think of a topic for the blog this week, I was feeling a bit overwhelmed. There has been so much noise lately. Between the election, the pandemic, the economy, and everything else going on in the world, I just needed a little peace and quiet. Then I remembered the beautiful photos of fall foliage that our clients, Chuck and Jenny Conway shared with us a few weeks ago.

I know that all of the noise of the world will always be there but, hopefully taking a few moments to take in the beauty of these scenes will be a welcome break for you just as it was for the Pinnacle Team.

Deen Cliffs by Chuck Conway

Pando Gold by Chuck Conway

Golden Gate Canyon by Jenny Conway

White Ranch by Chuck Conway

Meyers Ranch by Jenny Conway

Recolonizing the Hayman Burn Near Deckers by Chuck Conway

Recolonizing the Hayman burn Near Deckers by Jenny Conway

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