In Honor of Women’s History Month...

In Honor of Women’s History Month...

March 05, 2020
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We honor the women who make a difference at Pinnacle Wealth Management

Gail Hansen

Gail Hansen has been with of Pinnacle Wealth Management since 2006. She began as the Office Manager and eventually worked her way up to the role of Wealth Advosor in 2010. At one time or another, Gail has done almost every job that we have at Pinnacle. She knows how to do just about everything because she has done just about everything. Her vast knowledge of the inner workings of the business have proved to be an invaluable asset time and again. Her dedication to her clients and co-workers is second to none. She takes the time to get to know each one personally and is always willing to go out of her way to help those who need it. We are so thankful that she has remained an integral part of the Pinnacle Wealth Management team for the past 14 years.

Alison Kauffman

Alison Kauffman joined Pinnacle Wealth Management in 2012. She has embraced her role as Office Manager and has implemented changes that have drastically improved the way that we do business. Your security is one of her top priorities and she has worked to continually update our practices, keeping us on the cutting edge of the latest trends in cybersecurity. She planned and coordinated several workshops about cybersecurity and Shred days. She keeps our event calendar full with workshops and events that appeal to all walks of life. Alison is always willing to pause her day to greet a client or guest to the office, get them a drink, and sit down to talk with them while they wait for their appointment. She takes customer service to the next level.

Ellen Schmitz

Ellen Schmitz joined the Pinnacle team in 2014. As a part of her role as Wealth Planner, she took on the task of creating Wealth Plans for all clients. The Wealth Plans have been an invaluable tool in helping our clients to plan for their future. Ellen is also passionate about communication and education and she used that passion to expand her role, creating the new position of Communications Director. She continually works to increase and enhance the communication that we have with clients and the public. Whether it is posting to social media, sharing a blog, writing a newsletter, or sending a time-sensitive update about an issue that might impact clients and their accounts, Ellen is constantly looking to help our clients through better communication and information.

The History of Pinnacle Wealth Management

Pinnacle Wealth Management was founded in 1998. Financial Services has always been a male dominated industry. While things have improved, there are still challenges for women wanting to work in the industry and, at that time, there were not nearly as many women as there are now.

When Tom Stefaniak and his business partner, Joanne Gipple, set out to open their own Wealth Management firm, they were reformers in many ways. Having a woman as a Lead Advisor and Co-Owner of their Wealth Management Practice made them trendsetters in the industry.  If you ask Tom, Pinnacle Wealth Management would not be what it is today if he had not had a female partner to help him open the firm.

Joanne Gipple

Joanne Gipple always believed that relationships were the most important part of the work that she did. She had a way of personally connecting with both clients and co-workers that set an example for others to follow. Joanne moved into the Financial Services industry in the early 1990s after working in management in the retail industry for many years. When she started as an Advisor, she used the experience that she had gained in retail for building relationships and connecting with clients to define her style. When she and Tom started Pinnacle Wealth Management, she used her keen skills as a negotiator to establish the business and help it to grow it into the thriving practice that it is today.

When it came to business, Joanne was a tough as they come. When it came to relationships, she was kind, caring, personal, and intentional. It was this balance that made her both a great business owner and Financial Advisor. Tom credits Joanne with helping him to define the relational style that is the cornerstone of Pinnacle Wealth Management.

A History of Hiring Women

Joanne and Tom worked hard to build a business that was fair and equitable to both clients and employees. Over the years, there have been many female employees and most of the time, female employees outnumber male. It is this female influence that has helped us to establish a different kind of firm where relationships, communication and client communication come first; investment management comes second. That’s not to say that we do not take the job of being Investment Advisors seriously, in fact, we take it very seriously! Having deep relationships with our clients drives us to do our best when it comes to investment management. We care deeply about our clients and we strive to help them in any way that we can, including attempting to offer the best financial advice that we can and working to manage assets in a way that helps our clients to work toward their personal goals.

We are grateful to the women who have been a part of this firm over the years. They have shaped it into a Wealth Management Practice that we are proud of. It has allowed us to grow the business in ways that we could not have imagined in 1998.

Thank you to all of the Women of Pinnacle Wealth Management! You make this firm great!

What women have impacted your work life? How have they changed the industry that you work in?

If you are interested in hearing more about the women of Pinnacle Wealth Management and their story, give us a call and we are happy to share more of our story with you and we would love to learn about your story too.

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