Recovering from COVID

Recovering from COVID

June 03, 2021
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As we enter the sixth month of 2021, it seems that recovery is starting to come in many forms. As more people get vaccinated and more business open back up, we are beginning to see a return to "normal." People are starting to vacation, eat out, attend social events, and reconnect with friends and loved ones. 

In recent weeks, we have seen some promising trends emerge on the health front. The CDC is reporting the provision of 295 million vaccinations; 51% of Americans have had at least one injection.1

That confidence is starting to work its way into the economy as more people feel safer venturing out and making plans for the future.

Over Memorial Day weekend, one major hotel chain said that travel demand surged. The company notched a record-breaking number of bookings on Saturday over the holiday weekend. A North American movie theatre operator reported $100 million in ticket sales over the weekend, the best performance since the start of the pandemic. And a contemporary circus producer said ticket sales are double-digits higher than there were before the pandemic.2,3,4

In the coming months, we believe that we will continue to see these trends. We will see business picking back up for those that were forced to shut down or drastically decrease business activity. We will see consumers engage these reopened businesses. Hopefully, a return to normalcy will emerge. We are excited for the possibilities of the second half of 2021.

Are you feeling more confident about your personal recovery? We'd welcome the chance to hear about any spontaneous plans you created over the holiday weekend. But if you still have reservations, we understand. The pandemic changes were far-reaching, and we expect people will recover at their own pace.

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