Summer Cocktails

Summer Cocktails

July 21, 2022
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Beat the Heat, Deliciously
At last, summer is here. While air conditioning and rotating fans keep us cool indoors, warmer weather also means more outdoor activities. Here are some delicious summer concoctions to enjoy along with your summer fun. The perfect summer drink is ice-cold and refreshes you completely.

Infused Waters
Adding simple items like mint, lemon, cucumber, or other garden- grown items to a pitcher of water can be extra refreshing when temps are high. The addition of fruit can make getting enough water through those extra-dehydrating summer days a bit more tasty. Infused water is as refreshing as it is simple. Try experimenting with different fruits and herbs for exciting combinations. Basil and watermelon, for example, can make a delicious pairing.

Sugar and Bubbles
Many summertime favorites involve bubbles, sugar, and sometimes caffeine. If items like juices and sweet sodas are only an occasional treat for your family, you might want to experiment with some of the popular fruit-flavored carbonated waters in Farm-Style Summer Punch, or even dilute the juice so that there’s less sugar per serving. That said, the combination of grape and grapefruit flavors does the trick when it comes to matching the summer mood.

A Cocktail is a Balance
It’s hard to beat the two all-time classic summer thirst-quenchers: lemonade and iced tea. But when you combine them, you get something special: the Arnold Palmer, named for the famous golfer. A tall, icy Arnie is refreshing and versatile. You can sweeten it with sugar, artificial sweetener, or natural sweeteners like Stevia or even maple syrup. Not only that, but the ratio is up to you, as well. While many opt for half lemonade, half tea, we like the balance set out in the recipe below.

Whatever your family’s favorite summer drink might be, don’t be afraid to get creative, try new variations, and see what works.

The best one? It’s the one they keep asking for, of course!

Fruit-Infused Water

5 cups water
1 cup ice cubes optional 1/2 cup honeydew cubes 1 cucumber thinly sliced 10 fresh mint leaves torn

1.   Arrange fruit and leaves in a large pitcher.
2.   Add ice to preference.
3.   Fill pitcher with water.
4.   Garnish, as desired, with remaining fruit and leaves.

Farm-Style Summer Punch

64-oz bottle of 100% grape juice
2-liter bottle of grapefruit- flavored soda
(For lower-sugar version, use 5-6 cans of grapefruit infused seltzer water)


1.   Chill all beverage containers overnight.
2.   Half-fill pitcher or punchbowl with ice.
3.   Take bottles of juice and carbonated beverage and pour them together slowly over ice. (One to one is traditional, but you can dilute or balance to your taste)
4.   Pour any remaining carbonated beverage into the remainder of the juice and refrigerate until needed.
5.   Stir carefully.
6.   Pour over ice and enjoy.

The Arnold Palmer

1/4 cup lemonade 1/2 cup iced tea
Lemon slice, for garnish Ice

1.   Pour lemonade, iced tea into a tall, ice-filled glass and stir well
2.   Garnish with a lemon slice.
3.   Enjoy!

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