Facebook Live | How Does the Fed Impact You?

There is often talk about the Fed raising or lowering interest rates, but how does it impact everyday investors and consumers like you?

What is Inflation?

You hear about it in the news all the time but, do you really understand what inflation is? Do you know if it’s good or bad?

What's Next? 2021 Outlook

We are all excited to turn the calendar on a New Year but, we all have a lot of questions about What's Next? We do not have a crystal ball and there is no way we can forecast exactly what will happen. But, we do stay at the forefront of all the latest news and research and we have some thoughts and opinions to help you prepare for what might be ahead.


You see it in prices at the grocery store and the gas station. You feel it in your monthly budget. We have all experienced the impact of inflation in recent months. Why is inflation so high?