Live Your Values | Services

At Pinnacle Wealth Management we pride ourselves in providing a high level of service to our clients. It is something that we value. How does service go from being a job to being a value?

Facebook Live | Live Your Values

Our theme for 2022 is Live Your Values. This year we are asking our clients to identify their values and we hope to help you operationalize them throughout the year. We did this exercise as a staff and we are challenging ourselves to do the same. Hear what values matter to our advisors and learn the ways that they are working to operationalize them. Want to do the values exercise yourself? You can access it here

Mental Health and Finances

Mental Health can have a big impact on your work and your finances. Tom Sefaniak shares why mental health is a priority at Pinnacle Wealth Management.

Cybersecurity: Can We Really Be Safe?

Cybersecurity matters and it has been in the news a lot lately. But, what can we do to protect ourselves? What are companies doing to protect themselves and their clients?

Thankful and Grateful

This year has been another rollercoaster of a year. Join us as we discuss the things that we are thankful for and our hopes for 2022.