Pinnacle Wealth Management Informational Videos

Dollar Cost Averaging

Learn about this simple technique to help build wealth. Brad Meyer explains what DCA is and the ways that it can benefit investors.

Mental Health and Finances

Mental Health can have a big impact on your work and your finances. Tom Sefaniak shares why mental health is a priority at Pinnacle Wealth Management.

Want to Retire Early?

Ask just about anyone you know, "Do you want to retire early?", and most people will answer, “YES!” But what does it really mean to retire early? How old do you have to be? How much money do you need to save? How can you live comfortably if you retire early and no longer have a steady income?

Cybersecurity: Can We Really Be Safe?

Cybersecurity matters and it has been in the news a lot lately. But, what can we do to protect ourselves? What are companies doing to protect themselves and their clients?

Is ESG the future of Investing?

ESG is a hot topic in the finance world but what is it and how does it affect you and your investments?

Reducing Taxes | The Tax Triangle

Do you want to reduce your taxes? There are three types of investment accounts that you should have. In our latest Facebook Live, Tom explains what he calls the Tax Triangle and strategies that you can use to reduce taxes now and in retirement.

Five Questions to Ask Your Financial Planner

Whether you have been with your Financial Planner for years or you are meeting with a new Financial Professional, here are 5 questions that you should ask if you don't already know the answers.

SECURE Act | The New Retirement Rules And What You Need To Know

The SECURE Act is the biggest retirement-related legislation in over a decade. New savings and tax planning opportunities demand everyone's attention. What changes do you need to make to your Retirement Strategy?

Women & Investing

Women face particular challenges in investing and managing their financial lives. This webinar can help you to determine the right solutions for your unique financial situation. That way, you have an effective long-term strategy and can pursue a comfortable, secure retirement.


Your Personal Wealth Plan

Your Personal Wealth PlanDo you need a Personal Wealth plan to help you take an in-depth look at your finances and lifestyle choices?

Surge and Protect: Our Signature Investment Strategy

Surge and Protect: Our Signature Investment StrategyCan we help you work toward your investment goals while helping you to protect your valuable capital from market downturns?

Should I Pay Off My Mortgage Before I Retire?

Should I Pay Off My Mortgage Before I Retire?What would your life look like without a mortgage payment? Would it make life easier?

Traditional IRA vs Roth IRA

Traditional IRA vs Roth IRAWhich IRA is right for you? A Traditional IRA or a Roth IRA?

What is Inflation?

You hear about it in the news all the time but, do you really understand what inflation is? Do you know if it’s good or bad?

Are you prepared for an Emergency?

You know you should have an emergency fund but how much should you have? Should you invest it? When can you use it?